Within the universe named Tinellb, there is a planet named Ptoko. There arose on this world a race of humanoids, the Ptokan. Over millions of years, their race evolved and became the dominant force on their planet. There had been many conflicts, small and large, throughout their history. One particularly bloody war had had much of the population brought into it: a World War. The survivors of this war were ruled by a single monarch.

Generations passed. The people rebuilt their shattered world. The newest ruler, Queen Loren, decided to create an international language to promote peace amongst her subjects. She named this language Lulani after herself.

Despite their shared language, as more time went by, fractures again showed between nations. Another world war ensued. A great weapon was created, one that tore apart space‑time, flinging its victims far out into the universe.

One such group were the Fezhlê. They found themselves on an empty world. The Fezhlê tongue evolved independently from Lulani, and was later heavily influenced by Zhaladi dialects.

The people that remained on Ptoko slowly grew back towards peace. Their vernacular evolved into Ptokan, and thence into Brequèn. By this time, Lulani was used only for science and the arts, not for everyday use.

Brequèn was spoken in the realm of Brequé, Tsarin in Tsarein.

High Lulani
Demotic Lulani
Early Fezhlê Old Ptokan
Late Fezhlê Middle Ptokan
Koine Fezhlê Standard Ptokan
Archaic Brequèn
Common Brequèn
Proto‑Zhaladi Classical Tsarin
Contemporary Zhaladi Modern Tsarin
Reformed Zhaladi
Ancient Solajin
Medieval Solajin
Traditional Solajin
New Solajin

Ptoko is located in Universe M204ν

Solaji: F996ξ

Brequé: D578η

Zhalad: A376γ

Tsarein: E415χ